Good People Hostel

Good People Hostel

Hostel rules


Check-in/Check out: The guest may check in from 2 pm on the day of their reservation while the check-out time is until 11 am on the day of depature. Early check-ins and late check outs are possible only if announced in advance and could be allowed or declined based on availability.

Valid documentation: The guests can check-in only with a valid passport/ID and a stamp from the crossing border (for guests who are traveling with passport). The receptionist aren’t allowed to check in the guest who can’t provide one of the mentioned.

Quiet hours: During the quiet hours, from 11 pm to 7 am, guests are not allowed to stay in the garden or make loud noises (includes playing loud music and tv). Remmeber to always be respectful of other guests and keep noise to a minimum. 

The quiet hours in the garden are from 9 pm to 11 pm. 

Smoking: smoking is allowed only in the garden. The guests found smoking inside will be expelled and charged the penalty for breaking the house rules.

Cleanliness: The guests are required to clean after themselfs (throw away the garbage, wash the dishes after using and clean the surfaces). 

Dormitory policy: the guests who are staying in dormitories are suppposed to keep their shoes in the shoe rack, and their suitcase/backpack in the locker so the room is passable and not overcrowed with personal belongings. Be respectful to your roommates and try not to make a lot of noises when entering/exiting the room, packing, etc.

Towels and bedding: while the small towels are included and provided upon check-in, the big towels can be rented for the price of 2.5 euros during the whole stay. The guests staying in dormitory rooms can ask for fresh bed linen every 5 to 7 days while the bedding in the private rooms will be automatically changed by the cleaning lady once in a few days. Changing linen more often might cause an additional cost.

Laundry service: The cost of laundry service is 4.5 euros and includes washing and drying. The hostel is not responsible for any damage caused during these machines’ usage.

Drugs: Drug use is strictly prohibited. 

Damage and Theft: Guests responsible for any theft or damage caused to hostel property will be charged accordingly.

Liability: The hostel is not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or illnesses that occur during a guest’s stay. Guests take full responsibility for any risks and hazards associated with their stay.

Lost and Found: The hostel will make reasonable efforts to locate and return any lost items left behind by guests. Guests are responsible for the cost of shipping and handling for the return of any lost items.

Privacy: The hostel respects the privacy of its guests and will not share personal information with third parties, except if it’s required by the law.

Courtesy: Please be polite to other guests and staff. Any discrimination, threats, and offensive behaviour is not welcome in our hostel and won’t be tolerated.The quiet hours in the garden are from 9 pm to 11 pm. 


Violation of the hostel rules can lead to one of the following consequences:

1. Guest can be advised to change their behavior according to the house rules with a warning that they could be charged penalties or expelled for further violation.

2. Guest may be charged for damage caused to hostel property.

3. In extreme situations, the guest can be asked to leave the hostel immediately without the possibility of a refund.

4. Police can be involved if a guest is showing aggressive behavior or is involved in any kind of illegal activities which can cause a guest to face legal consequences.

Dear guests of Good People Hostel, we kindly ask you to be respectful of our house rules, towards other guests and our staff members. We are looking forward to welcome you in a good manner and provide a pleasant experience filled with great memories. However, any violation of the rules will be directly sanctioned by the stated measuress